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I just finished your book late last week. Thank you for writing it. You have shed light on an untold aspect of the music bid'ness that really is quite astounding in its scope and effort. It gives due credit to all those who move mountains of gear, setup and support the touring concert scene. Well done sir. A very enjoyable story. Thank you for sharing it.

Finest Regards,

Dan Skret, Bid'ness man



Woven into the haps and mis-haps of life on the road, is a long chain of synchronicities that lead to a personal awakening of spiritual and human awareness where we discover our own path of destiny, and find that in gratitude, friendship, and contentment, a life well spent.

Reading "THE HAPPY TEXAN", is the next best thing to a personal visit, sitting face to face with a seasoned story teller and hearing first hand, adventures of a man who saw, worked with, and personally knew,  some of the most famous bands we all grew up with, from Willie to Pink Floyd. Thank you Michael for writing such a good story. CONGRATULATIONS on a really fine book!

 Guich Koock (Cook), Actor, and writer.

The Adventure


The Adventure is a mini vacation. As you page through it, whether it takes three days, or a couple of weeks

, while you're reading it..., You're Gone! That's right, You're Gone. It's a "Joyful  Distraction". Oh yeah, one more thang, the print is easy to read and there are color photos !

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The Author grew up in the neighborhood of Hyde Park in Austin Texas, Just north of The University of Texas. Attended Baker Junior High, 1st thru 9th grade, then Austin High School, where he excelled as an athlete playing football. After High School, joined the Navy, and served aboard the USS Manitowoc, LST 1180 as Leading Seaman, and Helmsman. In rough seas the Captain would always call on Inman to man the Helm (steer the ship). Happily married, and lives near Dripping Springs Texas, along the Pedernales River.

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As a reader, you will hear the Author's voice speaking to you as you read. You will find yourself in the truck, going down the interstates, city to city, from Yankee Stadium, In the Bronx, New York, to the Rose Bowl,in Pasadena California, and From Halifax Nova Scotia to Victoria British Columbia.

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As I mentioned earlier, The Adventure is a mini vacation. As you page through it, whether it takes three days, or a couple weeks, while you're reading it...., You're Gone! That's right, You're Gone. It's a "Joyful Distraction". Oh yeah, one more thang, the print is easy to read,  and there are color photos !

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online books, rock and roll, bookstore A Book about The Adventures of a Rock & Roll truck driver. Toured  with Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses/Metallica, Charlie  Daniels, Buffet, Willie,and more. 


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